Why join a non-profit board?

Joining a non-profit board may jumpstart your career – you will meet leaders in your area and develop your leadership skills. Serving also allows you to give back to your community and make an impact for a worthy cause.

What is the meeting schedule?

Currently, the board of Southern Maryland Community Network, Inc. meets quarterly for an hour. Some board members serve on committees and serve as board officers. These meet on an ad hoc basis. Our bylaws allow for some virtual voting when necessary. Board members are encouraged to join company-wide events and fundraisers during the year.

What are my responsibilities?

Our board of directors protects and promotes Southern Maryland Community Network’s mission, monitors our financial and legal responsibilities, and may fundraise. Some board members offer personal or corporate donations to help move the mission forward.

What if I don’t know anything about mental health?

We love to teach board members about mental health, the care system, and the services delivered. In turn, we need the expertise of board members with diverse backgrounds, job skills, and ethnicities to be the best agency we can be. Many board members find it rewarding to deeply understand an issue that is new to them but affects many people.

What if I have received mental health services or have before? Can I serve?

We encourage people with lived experience or their family members to join us to understand the perspective of service recipients better. We cannot do without your view. If you would like to become part of our award-winning board members, please complete our board application and disclosure agreement.

Board of Directors Membership Application

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form