Know someone who is in a mental health crisis? 

Have the police been involved?  Call the Community Behavioral Health Liaison (CBHL) for assistance.  Providing individualized safety planning, referral, and linkage to community resources in Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s.  Call Hailey O’Brien, LICSW at 443-624-7789 or Text “CBHL” to 410-535-4787.

Youth Crisis Response (YCR): Mental Health Stabilization Services (MHSS) supported by LBHA, in conjunction with Tri-County Dept. of Social Services (DSS) to serve currently existing or involved children and adolescent(s) within the child welfare system experiencing a mental health crisis. 

The goal of Mental Health Stabilization Services for child welfare involved families in Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary's County, is to provide support to the child/adolescent who is experiencing a mental health crisis, and to support already existing caregivers/systems to prevent out of home placement.

An individual, strengths-based approach will be used to best provide culturally sensitive treatment options, in hopes of respecting the dignity and worth of the individual and caregivers present. The Youth Crisis Response Team will complete an initial crisis assessment, develop and implement a brief treatment plan, provide a supportive referral process, education for caregiver(s), and teach coping skills and techniques to children/adolescents experiencing a mental health crisis for up to 6 weeks. The overall goal and mission is to enhance prevention measures for future crise events, by providing and teaching necessary skills and resources to enhance family functioning to a pre-crisis level.

YCR services require direct referrals be made through the Department of Social Services.