RRP offers psychiatric rehabilitation in a 24/7 staff supported residence. This program teaches and restores daily living skills that move participants toward greater
autonomy. We focus on mastery of medication and wellness management, cooking, cleaning and budgeting skills. Here you will be working toward a timely transition into independence. Our unique person-centered treatment plan means that each person focuses on what is most necessary and important for their recovery.

What Services Are Provided?

  • Careful Assessment of 10 Domains: Health Practices, Housing Stability, Communication, Safety, Time Management, Nutrition, Relationships, Alcohol and Drug Use, Sexual
    Health and Behavior and Personal Care and Hygiene.
  • Collaboration with the Community Forensic Aftercare program and Parole/Probation as needed.
  • Service planning in collaboration with your health providers.
  • Assistance navigating complex benefit and entitlement systems.
  • Teaching, Modeling and Coaching wellness and community living skills.
  • Planning for future independence in housing.
  • Teaching use of public transportation.
  • Helping you build a network of professional and natural supports that provide a roadmap to recovery
  • Wellness Wednesday – weekly group recovery skills training. Peer to peer.

How to apply