Leading the Way to Behavioral Health Solutions

For over 35 years Southern Maryland Community Network (The Network) has been helping people with behavioral health conditions enhance their quality of life and realize their potential as a citizen of the community. The Network empowers independence in each person, both adults, and youth, helping each live and function on their own to the degree possible.

We begin with the end in mind and importantly start by building on a person’s true strengths – the cornerstone of their service plan. Using our expertise, we create and mold this plan to meet the specific recovery goals of each individual. Our committed, seasoned staff understands the challenges, fears, and confusion that an individual may be feeling. We are flexible and mobile, coming to meet each person where they are. As compassionate advocates, we are hands-on – training, coaching and helping each individual navigate hurdles. And to this day, we continue to provide rehabilitative housing options for specific individuals who need additional support as they proceed toward living independently in the community.

At The Network, we also surround each person with a customized “network” of resources to facilitate their path forward. This includes training individuals toward employment and actively helping them secure job placement. We also seamlessly collaborate with healthcare professionals, service providers, community partners, and families – all in support of the individual. Centered on the individual.

Anchored in innovative programming and evidence-based practices. We are champions of behavioral health.

The Network. Champions of Behavioral Health.