For Youth (5-17) - IHIP-C

This intensely supportive 15 month service is designed for youth who are at risk of out of home placement or are integrating into their homes after a therapeutic stay. We get to know your strengths, needs, abilities and preferences to determine how to provide the best services. The service is provided exclusively in the home of the person served with the highest service level during the first 45 days and the remainder spent preparing the youth and family for a lower level of support. Services focus on age appropriate self- care, social skills and promotion of resilience in order to improve their overall functioning and adjustment. Extensive family involvement is part of the program. IHIP recipients often choose to participate in PRP services after this program is completed.


Youth who meet home and community based waiver guidelines, also called 1915(i), can choose to receive services at a high intensity for 15 months per the IHIP guidelines described above. Families in this program receive services designed to improve family and youth wellness, school functioning, and overall functioning.
IIHS without IHIP-C
Youth who meet home and community based waiver guidelines, also called 1915(i), can choose to receive similar services provided through IHIP-C, focusing on strengthening of resilience and overall functioning but offered at a median service level and without the 15 month limit. Youth may elect for this after their 15 months in IHIP or instead of the IHIP level of care.

What Services Are Provided?

Careful Assessment of 6 Areas:

  • Child Strengths, Life Domain Functioning, Behavioral/Emotional Needs, Caregiver Strengths and Needs, Risk Behaviors, Cultural Factors,
    Service planning in collaboration with child’s school and healthcare providers.
  • Carrying forward the therapy initiatives set by the youth’s therapist.
  • Identification of programs and services available to help the child and family in areas of need.
  • Teaching, Modeling and Coaching wellness and community living skills.
  • In home focused services to build family functioning.
  • Helping you build a network of professional and natural supports that support the child and family in developing the 7C’s of Resilience (competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution and coping).

How to apply